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Amazonian” by Nicole Amsler, 36, of Springboro, is the winning story in the adult category of the 13th annual Dayton Daily News Short Story and Poetry Contest.

Looking for Death” by WOW! Summer 2010 Contest Runner-Up:  Nicole Amsler
Springboro, Ohio
Congratulations, Nicole!

Interview with Nicole Amsler by WOW! Women On Writing.

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It is my goal to self-publish a short story collection this year (2013), tentatively titled Driving Lessons in a Hearse.

I am seeking representation for Zone Trippers, a mainstream thriller.

Owen MacIntyre’s daughter is missing but he can’t just file a missing person’s report—Eve is infected with Zone Tripper’s disease. Her body is at home, serving as a revolving door for other Zone Trippers, while her soul skips into other trippers all over the world.

At least, her soul was tripping. Now it’s complete radio silence. There has been no word from Eve since she tripped out of Margot, a dying woman who was only a train stop away from Eve’s waiting father. And the odds are falling fast. Suicide rates are sky high for zone trippers, a tasteless reality show debases victims on international television and a zone tripping serial murderer, who calls himself the Infinity Killer, has put the afflicted in his cross hairs.

Dismantling Spider Webs

Lorelei Wagar, who is widowed in the middle of an extramarital affair with a local pastor, struggles to mourn the husband she planned to leave, while struggling with the scorn of her small town.

In the midst of her grief, she becomes a de facto mother to a troubled 11 year old boy, Duke. She also must contend with the 200-year old house her husband had bought—which has secrets of its own.

When tragedy strikes again, Lorelei is faced with losing everything she didn’t know she wanted—a home and a son.

Holiday Cards

This book follows a dysfunctional family through 11 years of Pinochle card games played on Christmas Eve. Each year is narrated by a different person and gives you new insight into the family’s dysfunction. We also see their family holiday newsletters, which are always a total fabrication.

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