The Nutritional Guidelines for Marketing Results

Nutritional guidelines offer recommended servings sizes for food and a structure for balanced eating. With Nutritional Guidelines for Marketing both new media marketing strategies and tried-and-true tactics are plotted on a food pyramid, which both creates and guides your marketing plan.

The nutritional guidelines create a balance diet of marketing activities, resulting in a flourishing platform and engaged audience. With practical time-saving tips and marketing hacks, you will know exactly how to market your book without losing countless hours.

Nicole has more than 20 years of marketing experience and brings both practical and realistic tips to her mentees and readers. In today’s overabundance of social media activities, put your marketing plan on a diet and get results!


With a mix of creativity and practicality, Nicole’s educational sessions on current marketing strategies move audiences to take their results to the next level. She brings timely marketing strategies to audiences around the Midwest and beyond, helping participants find marketing success, balance, and more time for their craft.

Marketing options change daily, keeping even the most strident marketer on their toes. How is a small business owner or self-published author supposed to traverse the...



Reclaim Your Time

I help small businesses and creative artists present a professional image online and off while reclaiming their precious time. My clients include independent artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and even job seekers.

As your marketing mentor, we will investigate your business or personal goals and assess your marketing plan and strategies. Most importantly, we will layout an action plan with attainable activities and measurable results.


Twelve Days of Christmas for Authors

I am a huge advocate of writers. They are my heroes and rescuers, crafting worlds I can get lost in and telling stories which sooth the soul.

This Christmas consider the Twelve Days of Christmas for Authors. There are 12 simple ways you can help a published writer keep writing...Read More →

The Care and Feeding of Viral Posts

We live in the age of viral posts, where everyday an under-the-radar blogger publishes a heart-felt post about {insert buzzword here} and suddenly find herself on morning talk shows, defending her view to a panel of experts.

The author of the viral post is lifted high with “atta-girls,”...Read More →


Nicole Amsler is a seasoned marketing professional with experience across diverse industries including publishing, small business marketing, healthcare, technology, B2B products and services, non-profits, and luxury consumer products.

Her diversified background allows her to acclimate quickly to the industry’s challenges to find the heart of the client’s message. READ MORE


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