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Women of WE Mean Business Dayton

I have the extreme privilege to belong to a networking group of women entrepreneur’s called WE Mean Business Dayton. We have met at least monthly for the last year, sharing goals, problems and solutions. Recently Dayton Daily News asked to interview us about our group and our goals. Here is the article and photo which resulted:


I am so proud of our group and the help we are able to give each other. Each of these women bring tremendous knowledge and experience to their own businesses but they are also willing to share that same expertise with our group. It is a joy to partner with them in our recent Business Facelift contest and I am thrilled to unveil the results in late October. As Lori says in the article, we always need to be networking but networking doesn’t always mean “selling.”

If you want to learn more about our group, you can visit our site at www.wemeanbusinessdayton.com.

keylocke services

Today I presented a seminar to 100+ business owner and job seekers on the topic of Personal Branding. I declared the definition of personal branding to be:

the marketing of the individual through uniqueness, conversations, images and expertise.

Here are a the eight DOs and the one DON’T of personal branding:

DON’T lie or offer false claims. Your brand is a promise.

DO ask others to offer three key words they would use to describe you. This is your current brand.

DO create a USP (unique selling proposition.) What makes you unique?

DO tell success stories. They are sounds bites we can remember better than a long list of facts.

DO offer a decent, professional photograph on all your social networking sites.

DO brand your marketing materials: your email signature, resume, business card, profiles and phone messaging. These all relay a message about you.

DO mention your social media platforms and links in your email signature.

DO become an authority by writing books, blogs, reports or through speaking, commenting and consulting.

DO be a connector. Always look to connect people.

The best branding always includes goodwill.


keylocke services

Network Dayton

Keylocke Marketing Services will be presenting at Network Dayton on Thursday, April 30th from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. If you are interested in attending, you can register here.

I have been busy for the last month, getting my table as well as many of my client’s exhibits show ready. I  have been preparing signage, portfolio books, samples, giveaways and marketing collateral.

I will take my camera and bring back photos of this networking event. I hope to see you there!

What Her Clients Say...

“Nicole is very up-to-date on her knowledge of current marketing trends and new technologies and how they apply to the work she does for her clients. Like me she is focused on the marketing techniques that produce results, not just those that are new. Also, Nicole has the heart of a teacher, willing to take the time to educate clients or point colleagues toward helpful resources. –Rob Bunting”

“I am always impressed at how Nicole is always on top of her game. Her ability to move from one task to another while not losing sight of her goal is admirable. I appreciate her know-how and advice when it comes to a variety of topics, both personal and professional. Nicole is a talented writer, who strives to add heart, honesty, and professionalism to every piece she adorns with her name. –Darren McGarvey”

“Nicole is right on target when it comes to writing and marketing. She is innovative and tenacious not only in her design work and but getting the words just right ...all in a very timely manner. When Nicole says she will do something she does it. –Jeanne Porter”

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