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Keylocke Services & Nicole Amsler Marketing MaterialsYou can have a bit of an identity crisis when you try to juggle more than one job. I am a copywriter and marketing consultant by trade. But I am also a freelance magazine writer and potential book author. (I am also a wife and mother but no one pays me for that.)

When it came time to design my marketing materials, I was looking at double the inventory and cost because of my dual duties. Here was my solution:

I love the concept because it’s fun and quirky, but still professional. The business card actually flips over and has a hole punched out. In fact, I carry them on a snap ring. The letterhead is just rotated, based on who I am contacting.

I enjoy the comments I get on my unique letterhead and business cards. I even got one job from a client who was impressed with my “money saving skills.” I have used free business cards and discount letterhead for years. This has been my business splurge which has paid off.


What Her Clients Say...

“Nicole is very up-to-date on her knowledge of current marketing trends and new technologies and how they apply to the work she does for her clients. Like me she is focused on the marketing techniques that produce results, not just those that are new. Also, Nicole has the heart of a teacher, willing to take the time to educate clients or point colleagues toward helpful resources. –Rob Bunting”

“I am always impressed at how Nicole is always on top of her game. Her ability to move from one task to another while not losing sight of her goal is admirable. I appreciate her know-how and advice when it comes to a variety of topics, both personal and professional. Nicole is a talented writer, who strives to add heart, honesty, and professionalism to every piece she adorns with her name. –Darren McGarvey”

“Nicole is right on target when it comes to writing and marketing. She is innovative and tenacious not only in her design work and but getting the words just right ...all in a very timely manner. When Nicole says she will do something she does it. –Jeanne Porter”

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