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A Readable Feast

Published on: Jan 23, 2013No comments

I have hunted for years for a relevant topic which I could seamless write about, without wearying. Because a topic could not be found, I stumbled and floundered, at loss for words.

And then, as all epiphanies appear, I suddenly connected several random puzzles pieces together and had an Ah! moment.

Pushing Food and Books

If you have met me in person, you know two things. 1.) I am going to attempt to feed you or tempt you to my house with the promise of food. And 2.) I am going to recommend a book to you—probably a long list of books.

As my family and I have moved from state to state, my constant community is constructed of book people. Whether it‘s moms discussing books during playdates or formal book clubs, books are my link to socialization and community.

I am a book pimp, a pusher of words, and a full-fledged addict.


Because my community spans multiple states, includes all walks of life, and is constantly growing, I’ve decided to reposition my blog as a virtual community for other book addicts.

So today, I launch the Readable Feast. This is what you can expect:

Mondays:  Book reviews of popular book club reads, recommendations, interviews with authors, and discussion questions

Wednesday: Recipes related to book club books—tying your book and foods together

Friday: periodic thoughts on creating and participating in community, finding connection, and other random thoughts

I have a year’s worth of books, recipes, and thoughts lined up but I’m always open to suggestions.

Whether you read alone, run a book club, or just enjoy a new recipe, hopefully you will add Readable Feast to your RSS feed, sign up for our (upcoming) monthly newsletter, or check in occasionally. If you are a book enthusiast too, I hope you will spread the word by sharing www.readablefeast.com with others (which redirects them to here, www.nicoleamsler.com.)

I look forward to this new journey and the impending calories.

May words nourish your soul,


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