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Re-Hearsed’s Hearse Keychain and Bank

Published on: Jul 1, 20131 comment

Excerpt from Re-Hearsed:

When Uncle Rick strolled in the kitchen, he had his usual Citgo’s Styrofoam coffee cup in his hand. He looked like Tory’s dad but a squashed, stunted version. Both brothers featured a non-existent chin and a dark mat of fur on their arms and chest. Their chest hair appeared in a straight line at their neck, as if trimmed with a guillotine.

“Ready to drag race, kiddo?” he asked, taking a swig of his coffee.

“Hardly,” she said, not rising to the bait. She jangled the keys and headed to the garage which connected their home and the morgue. The black, practical hearse sat in the only parking space. Tory’s bicycle hovered above it, suspended on a noose of wires along with old winter sleds and yard games she had never played as a child. She was too busy at rehearsals and productions, anything to escape her home and morgue.

“Cruising in the Caddy.” Rick patted the top of the roof, which was pristine leather. Her father polished it before and after every funeral, even if there were two runs in one day.


hearse moving violationsThis week’s giveaway is a hearse keychain and a signed copy of Moving Violations.

“Re-Hearsed” is the reason I wrote “Proceed with Caution” on the back cover of my book. It is also the reason my book is for an older audience and not for some at all.

I try not to let others to scare me away from important topics, including death, abuse, infidelity, etc. The world is full of uncomfortable notions and I’d rather dissect them in stories than let them haunt me at night. But I understand some people are bothered by depictions of certain events. I am still in love with Tori’s preservation and power.

In order to win, I’m asking you to share this contest on Facebook. Or as always, you may complete any of the previous week tasks (Tweeting, becoming a fan on GoodReads, liking my author page on Amazon, etc.) to enter. You must leave a comment on my blog or Like this Facebook post to be entered.

The winner will be announced at 9 am on July 5, 2013. Thanks for playing!

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