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Summer Giveaway Series

Published on: Jun 3, 2013No comments

The goal of any writer is to be read. The publishing world has changed drastically since I wrote my first book on construction paper and even since, I typed my last book during last year’s NaNoWriMo. Traditional publishing is still a long-term goal of mine, which is where a publishing house prints and supports your book. But self-publishing offers unique perks as well, such as instant readership and personal control over as your cover, your selections, and your marketing.

One of my goals for Moving Violations: A Collection of Short Stories is to be introduced to new readers who might enjoy my unique brand of writing. I tell people I write “Midwestern dysfunction.” My characters tend to be dark, flawed, but hopeful.

I wrote “Proceed with Caution” on the back cover of my book because I know not everyone will enjoy the topics I explore, including sexual abuse, death, pain, and hopelessness. But it is an all encompassing joy when a new reader finds my work and connects with the words on the page. Writers live for that high.

So as my first readers and my first fans, I am creating a nine-week, summer long contest series to encourage you to spread the word about my book, Moving Violations, and to reward you for your help and encouragement.

Each Monday, I will post a new giveaway on this blog and my social media avenues, announcing the new giveaway and how you can participate. By completing the simple task (sharing on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, etc.) and telling me, you are entered. On Friday of that week, at 9 am, I will announce the randomly selected winner.

Basic Rules:

To enter each week,

1.) complete the suggested task (or any of the following tasks: share on Facebook, retweet contest on Twitter, fan my author page on Pinterest, Facebook, or GoodReads, etc) AND

2.) either like the Facebook post announcing the week’s contest, or add a comment to the week’s contest blog post.

Your “Like” or comment will add you to the contest pool. At the end of the week, on Friday at 9 am, the contest winner will be announced. Winners need to supply their shipping address before items can be shipped.

You can enter each week. I encourage you to share the contest across your friends and social media avenues. This contest is being held on the honor system. Once you Like the Facebook entry or comment on the blog, I will assume you have completed the task. I do not have the time or inclination to check up on each entry. And you are all honest people.

I hope you’ll play along with me and help spread the word about Moving Violations.

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