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Muffin Crumbs and Glitter Girls

I was in Atlanta with my Glitter Girls* in November–during our sacred, wine-infused NaNoWriMo write-in weekend–when I learned that I had placed as a Runner Up in the WOW! Women on Writing Summer fiction contest.

*Side bar: My Glitter Girls are Laurel Butler, Mary Knapp and Kristin Shoffeitt. We are friends first and writers second. They all live in Atlanta without me. Hrrumph. The glitter reference is an inside joke that isn’t actually funny so I won’t bore you with it.

Laurel had won the contest previously, placing 2nd place so OF COURSE, it was my goal to place higher.

As witnessed by the rankings, I did not “win” (with air quotes added.) I am a runner up** and proud of it.

**I do not run. Ever.

The Glitter Girls with our NaNo genuine artifacts

It’s a great contest and the other winning entries are exceptional. And one of the parting consolation prizes is an interview–which checks one thing off my bucket list. You can read my interview here at The Muffin.

I might still challenge Laurel for the top spot sometime in 2011. And I’m hoping to convince Kristin and Mary to enter as well.

It was a treat to hear the results in the midst of friends. And they upheld their role of a Glitter Girl well. They played favorites. They told the waitress she was waiting on a bonafide fiction contest winner. And they helped drink the bottle (or plural bottles, I don’t remember…) of wine while avoiding whining. And they SPARKLED!

But not at all like vampires.

Who are your Glitter Girls? Anyone cheering you on towards your dreams?

Watch me now!

BinocularsAbout a year ago, some colleagues suggested I attend a Women in Business Networking (WiBN) Lunch and Learn event. What a joy it was! Friendly women of all walks, networking and pertinent messages are supplied every month. They also have special education events, a yearly conference (which I was honored to be part of last year) and monthly Koffee Talks. I have met amazing women at each and every event.

So I was doubly honored when I found the WiBN has listed me as one of the Top 25 Watchable Women in Dayton for 2010. I have been preceded by some true “rock stars” in the Dayton area and this year’s list is an amazing collection of influential movers and shakers. What an honor to be on such a wonderful list!

When I shared my happy news to my friends on Facebook, several of them offered to come watch me. I’m not sure what I will do that is particularly watchable but 2010 is shaping up to be an amazing year!

Networking Group Featured in DDN

Women of WE Mean Business Dayton

I have the extreme privilege to belong to a networking group of women entrepreneur’s called WE Mean Business Dayton. We have met at least monthly for the last year, sharing goals, problems and solutions. Recently Dayton Daily News asked to interview us about our group and our goals. Here is the article and photo which resulted:


I am so proud of our group and the help we are able to give each other. Each of these women bring tremendous knowledge and experience to their own businesses but they are also willing to share that same expertise with our group. It is a joy to partner with them in our recent Business Facelift contest and I am thrilled to unveil the results in late October. As Lori says in the article, we always need to be networking but networking doesn’t always mean “selling.”

If you want to learn more about our group, you can visit our site at www.wemeanbusinessdayton.com.

Amazonian- Winner in the Dayton Daily News Contest

I was blown away to win first prize in the 2009 Dayton Daily News Short Story Contest. This story was written in 24 hours but took a different turn at the end during editing. I was so pleased with the characters and their love for each other.

You can read the short story in full at Dayton Daily News. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Amazonian illustration


The Eight Dos (and One Don’t) of Personal Branding

Today I presented a seminar to 100+ business owner and job seekers on the topic of Personal Branding. I declared the definition of personal branding to be:

the marketing of the individual through uniqueness, conversations, images and expertise.

Here are a the eight DOs and the one DON’T of personal branding:

DON’T lie or offer false claims. Your brand is a promise.

DO ask others to offer three key words they would use to describe you. This is your current brand.

DO create a USP (unique selling proposition.) What makes you unique?

DO tell success stories. They are sounds bites we can remember better than a long list of facts.

DO offer a decent, professional photograph on all your social networking sites.

DO brand your marketing materials: your email signature, resume, business card, profiles and phone messaging. These all relay a message about you.

DO mention your social media platforms and links in your email signature.

DO become an authority by writing books, blogs, reports or through speaking, commenting and consulting.

DO be a connector. Always look to connect people.

The best branding always includes goodwill.


Network Dayton

Network Dayton

Keylocke Marketing Services will be presenting at Network Dayton on Thursday, April 30th from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. If you are interested in attending, you can register here.

I have been busy for the last month, getting my table as well as many of my client’s exhibits show ready. I  have been preparing signage, portfolio books, samples, giveaways and marketing collateral.

I will take my camera and bring back photos of this networking event. I hope to see you there!

WiBN Leadership Conference

WiBN Leadership logo

It has never been my goal to be a public speaker. But speaking in front of others has never bothered me either. I always enjoy teaching on my favorite topics and I have been asked to speak–formally and informally–a few times.

I have an exciting speaking engagement coming up in June called the Women in Business Networking Leadership Conference. It is being held on June 17th at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. I’ve been asked to participate in the Women of Success Panel with several other esteemed business women. It is truly an honor.

This is one of several speaking engagements on my calendar at the moment. It is amazing where life will take you. If you are in the area, I hope you can join us.

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