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The Eight Dos (and One Don’t) of Personal Branding

Published on: Jun 16, 2009No comments

Today I presented a seminar to 100+ business owner and job seekers on the topic of Personal Branding. I declared the definition of personal branding to be:

the marketing of the individual through uniqueness, conversations, images and expertise.

Here are a the eight DOs and the one DON’T of personal branding:

DON’T lie or offer false claims. Your brand is a promise.

DO ask others to offer three key words they would use to describe you. This is your current brand.

DO create a USP (unique selling proposition.) What makes you unique?

DO tell success stories. They are sounds bites we can remember better than a long list of facts.

DO offer a decent, professional photograph on all your social networking sites.

DO brand your marketing materials: your email signature, resume, business card, profiles and phone messaging. These all relay a message about you.

DO mention your social media platforms and links in your email signature.

DO become an authority by writing books, blogs, reports or through speaking, commenting and consulting.

DO be a connector. Always look to connect people.

The best branding always includes goodwill.


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